Top Fun Activities in Calgary, AB

Calgary is a city with multiple fun activities for residents and visitors to choose from. The city has something for everyone, including kids and adults. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the weekend or the holidays, consider visiting the following attractions and engaging in various fun activities. Learn more here.

Eskar Foundation

Through relevant, accessible, and instructive exhibitions, programs, and publications, the Esker Foundation introduces the public to modern art. The gallery focuses on contemporary local, regional, and international cultural developments. It also facilitates public discourse and fosters the creation of groundbreaking new work, ideas, and research. Esker Foundation, founded in 2012, is a new model for institutional relevance, custodian focus, and audience participation. Learn more about Calgary, AB, is a Festive Town.

Esker plans three exhibition modifications per year: one for the fall, one for the winter, and one for the spring/summer seasons. Esker Foundation hosts the Project Space at street level in addition to the main exhibition space on the fourth story of the Atlantic Avenue Arts Block. The Project Space, as an important alternative exhibition space, aspires to engage the community by enhancing the presence and accessibility of contemporary art. The Project Space initiative allows emerging and established artists to create fresh, responsive shows that address the neighborhood directly and investigate important current themes.

Jack & Jean Leslie RiverWalk

The Jack and Jean Leslie RiverWalk is a bustling, engaging portion of Calgary that provides year-round enjoyment, particularly for residents of the surrounding Downtown East Village district. The Calgary RiverWalk connects the busy riverfront to 700 kilometers of trails and paths via dedicated bicycle and pedestrian lanes along the Bow and Elbow Rivers. Residents who want a car-free commute and those who wish to enjoy the riverside in their spare time will benefit from this. The East Village neighborhood provides people with easy access to outdoor spaces as well as the conveniences of a city center. 

The RiverWalk not only has plenty of benches and viewpoints for people to enjoy the riverfront, but it also has places like the RiverWalk Plaza that offer activities for locals and visitors, such as food trucks, farmers’ markets, concerts, and festivals. The Beakerhead festival, held in September, combines arts and culture with science and technology through a variety of displays, art installations, workshops, and entertainment. The walkable eateries in Bridgeland-Riverside are only across the Bow River from East Village, adding to the area’s incredible walkability.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary has been giving migratory birds a place to rest and tourists the opportunity to watch their feathery friends for free since 1929. This 88-acre reserve features over 270 bird species and the historic century-old Colonel Walker House. There are both indoor and outdoor elements, making this a year-round destination where visitors can admire the different bird species and possibly even some deer. Along with the magnificent blue heron, expect to witness a plethora of sparrows, robins, and swallows. 

The indoor nature center educates tourists on environmental conservation and protection. Even though the flood of 2013 severely damaged this habitat, it has been repaired. The renovation included the addition of observation decks, trails, and benches to sit in.