Calgary, AB, is a Festive Town

Festivals in Calgary offer visitors and residents a chance to celebrate and share their love for nature, music, art, and culture. Attending these festivals lets you meet like-minded people and enjoy fun things together. You can also attend the festivals with your family and friends and enjoy the distraction from everyday stress. You get a chance to meet local artists you’ve never heard of before. More can be found here.

Below are some of the notable festivals in Calgary. 

The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is a four-day yearly celebration of all things pop culture for lovers of all ages, including comics, sci-fi, gaming, fantasy, horror, and more. Visitors can peruse hundreds of vendor booths and exhibits at the Calgary Expo and attend seminars and panels featuring renowned stars and artists. Visitors can also purchase new art from world-class producers and even meet their favorite heroes for a photo or autograph. What began as a tiny gathering in 2006 has evolved into one of North America’s largest events, attracting about 100,000 fans each year. Visit more about Calgary, AB Bubbles with Parks.

At the expo, you can shop from hundreds of retailers from all over. These retailers specialize in everything, including comics, science, gaming, and more. You can also dress up in costumes and see other people dressed up throughout the expo. 

Calgary Dragon Boat Festival

The Calgary Dragon Boat Festival aims to be a lively blend of sport, culture, and community spirit. This yearly event, hosted on the beautiful Glenmore Reservoir, highlights the exhilarating sport of dragon boat racing, which features teams rowing in unison. Beyond the thrilling races, the festival morphs into a multicultural celebration with live concerts, ethnic displays, and wonderful gastronomic options. You can enjoy the best local foods from local restaurants made with local ingredients. 

It’s a chance to watch the power and grace of dragon boat teams while immersing yourself in a vibrant cultural environment. The festival fosters a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for both sport and cultural diversity, making it a dynamic and enriching experience for both participants and spectators alike. Whether participating in the races, enjoying the music and dance performances, or savoring the array of international cuisines, you will be guaranteed to have lots of fun.

Calgary Midwinter Bluesfest

Attending the Calgary Midwinter Bluesfest is a soul-stirring experience that promises to warm you up with thrilling blues music. This yearly event brings together world-class blues musicians, creating an intimate and immersive environment for music lovers. The broad lineup highlights the genre’s rich spectrum, from deep ballads to foot-stomping beats. Beyond the performances, the festival includes workshops and educational components that provide a deeper understanding of the blues. 

Whether you’re a seasoned blues fan or a beginner to the genre, the Midwinter Bluesfest provides a warm environment to connect with the music’s emotional depth and cultural roots. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in blues music’s classic and evocative sounds while embracing the cozy winter environment. This makes it a must-attend event for everyone looking for a musical journey through the soulful side of winter.