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Focus more on the game & worry less about the safety of your smile with a custom sports mouth guard!

It’s easy to remember knee pads, helmets, and the right shoes, but don’t forget to protect your teeth! Custom sports mouth guards are an important piece of equipment intended to protect your teeth while playing hands-on sports like football, lacrosse, and MMA.

There’s grave risk of dental injuries when playing heavy contact sports. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, athletes who wear a mouth guard while playing sports are 60% less likely to experience teeth injuries compared to players who go without a mouth guard.

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What is a custom sports mouth guard?

A custom sports mouth guard is a mouth guard that has been custom made to fit your unique bite — perfectly! A well-made mouth guard offers protection to your upper teeth, as well as the surrounding gums and tissues. It’s a valuable investment that could prevent an emergency dental visit due to a broken tooth, gum injury, or other oral damages.

3 Different Types of Sports Mouth Guards

There are several options when it comes to sports mouthguards, including:

Standard Bulk-Made Mouth Guards

Standard mouthguards are a one-size-fits-all option. Since everyone’s mouth is a different shape and size, these guards are often uncomfortable and don’t provide the greatest protection.

Boil & Bite Mouth Guards

Boil & bite mouth guards can be purchased online or in-store and are DIY, allowing you to make your own mouth guard at home by boiling the plastic guard and then molding it to fit your mouth. While this is typically a better option than a standard mouthguard, it still fails to offer the same level of comfort or protection as a custom sports mouthguard.

Custom Sports Mouth Guard

A custom sports mouth guard is the most recommended option for sports players at all levels. They are custom made by a dentist to provide the most seamless and comfortable fit, along with the greatest level of protection. They usually come at a higher cost, but you truly get what you pay for. Custom mouth guards offer the most effective option for preventing injuries while keeping you comfortable, so you can focus on playing your favourite sport.

Protect Your Mouth From Injury!

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Benefits Of A Custom Sports Mouth Guard

Custom sport mouth guards are made at your dentist office to fit the exact size and shape of your mouth. Benefits of a custom-fitted mouth guard include:

  • They are more comfortable than over the counter mouth guards.
  • They provide you with a better overall fit.
  • They are more effective at preventing sports-related dental injuries.
  • A customized fit helps protect nearby teeth by preventing contact with each other, or worse, dislocations.

How much will a custom sports mouth guard cost?

Custom Sports Mouth Guards start at $250 at our clinic. They are molded exactly to your mouth so that the fit is perfect and they are the most effective at protecting your teeth.

How To Maintain Your Custom Sports Mouth Guard

Taking care of your custom sports mouth guard can make it last longer! Here are a few steps to take after use:

  1. Rinse the teeth protector with cool water and a mouth rinse. You can also use soap and a soft toothbrush to remove any debris.
  2. Rinse once again in cold water and store in a perforated, durable container that will prevent pressure from distorting the mouth guard.
  3. Make sure the container is ventilated so the appliance remains safe. If the mouth device is acrylic, store it in clean water when not in use.
  4. Place the mouth guard in an area where it will not be exposed to excessive heat. For example, direct sunlight, hot water, hot surfaces, or even, in a car parked outside on a hot summer day.
  5. Each time you take off your custom mouth guard, examine it for wear, holes, tears, or cracks. If you sense discomfort when wearing the teeth protector, it’s time to order a new one!
  6. Bring the mouth guard when you visit the dentist for a checkup. We’ll examine it and ensure functionality remains in tact.

Get a custom sports mouth guard!

Get back to the sports you love without injuring your teeth!

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Braces give you even more reason to protect your teeth while playing sports! Not only can you damage your braces playing sports, but your braces can play a role in further damaging your mouth. Say for instance you get hit with a ball in the face and your the wires and brackets on your braces dig into your gums—ouch! A custom sports mouth guard will protect not only your mouth from your braces, but will also protect your braces and teeth from any external impact.

No, you cannot and should not use a night guard for sports. These appliances have two very different purposes and are made from different materials. Sports mouth guards are used to prevent injuries to your teeth and mouth, while night guards prevent teeth grinding.

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