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Time is costly, so we offer Direct Billing to help make dental care more affordable 

– Dr. Jennifer Silver

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Dental Fees

At Macleod Trail Dental, we appreciate that cost is of great concern to many patients and we strive to provide exceptional value and care at a reasonable cost. Alberta has a recommended fee guide for Dental Procedures. Insurance companies set their own fee guide, some, like Alberta Blue Cross, have several different fee schedules. Dental fees are based on standardized codes, but the associated fee is established by that office. Dental offices are not allowed to change their fee schedules but must charge all patients the same fee for the same procedure (an exception to this is when dental coverage is with certain government programs such as Social Services or Worker’s Compensation, where the dental office is prohibited from balance billing).

What are your typical dental procedure costs?

New Patient Exam

$Call Usexam
  • Adult

New Patient Exam

$Call Usexam
  • Child

Recall Exam

$Call Usexam
  • All Patients

Dental Filling

$Call Us
  • depending on how many surfaces of tooth need to be filled

Dental Crown

$Call Us
  • depending on weight of material to make crown


$Call Us
  • depending on number of extractions required

Root Canal

$Call Us
  • depending on number of canals required

A typical insurance plan will cover:

Up to 100% of Dental Exams
Up to 70%-90% of Dental Fillings and Extraction
Up to 50% of Root Canals and Dental Crowns

Dental Cleanings are based on the amount of time required. Typically a person who does not have any gum or periodontal problems and has had their teeth cleaned in the previous year or two will require 45 minutes of “deep cleaning” or scaling- code is 11113 (Each 15 minute interval is is priced separately) The polishing code is 11101. Many Insurance companies limit the frequency or number of various procedures. While we do not recommend treatment based on the limitations of your insurance plans, we understand this reality and when so directed, will always work within the limitations of your insurance coverage.

We are always happy to provide estimates for all treatment and to assist patients with their Insurance plan coverage. Please feel free to give us a call anytime at 403-253-1248 or email us at

Patients with qualifying income may apply for coverage under various government dental programs:

Senior Dental Coverage:

The Alberta Government provides for dental coverage to low-income seniors. Seniors who qualify can visit the dentist of their choice. Coverage amounts are based on income and can be up to 100% of the dental fees, with a $5000.00 maximum every 5 years. Contact Alberta Health Services at ( Toll-free:) 1-877-644-9992. Or visit their website.


Alberta Child Health Benefit (ACHB)Phone: 1-877-469-5437
Web: Visit website
Children under the age of 18 (19 if attending high school). in low-income families. Eligibility based on income and number of eligible children in the family.Must apply. Call for an application or download from website. Free basic health benefits and routine dental services. Show benefit card to a dental provider.
Alberta Health Services – Calgary ZoneCommunity Dental Clinics
Chumir 403-955-6888
Northeast 403-944-9999
Airdrie 403-912-8484
Children and adults with limited income that do not have a dental plan. Eligibility based on income and family size.Families must apply. Call for application or download from website. Reduced fee dental care. Routine and basic services including cleanings, x-rays, fillings and removal of teeth.
Alberta Health Services – Calgary ZoneOral Health Education

Phone: 403-22-TEETH (228-3384)

Infants, children, families, adults and seniors. Targeted communities and groups. Services vary according to client group. Visit the website for details.
Alberta Health Services – Calgary ZoneAlberta Children’s Hospital Dental Clinic

Phone: 403-955-7836
Fax: 403-955-5000

Children, infants and teens with medical, physical and/or mental health conditions. Healthy children under 3 years of age with significant dental needs.Referral letter required and can be faxed. Involved with Cleft Palate and Craniofacial clinic. There is a fee for dental services provided. The dental clinic will complete and submit insurance/benefit forms as required.
Alberta Health Services – Calgary ZoneFoothills Medical Centre Dental Clinic

Phone: 403-944-2401
Fax: 403-283-5260

1403 29th St NW Calgary AB

People with medical, physical and/or mental health conditions. Referral required and can be faxed or mailed. There is a fee for dental services provided. The dental clinic will complete and submit insurance/benefit forms as required.
Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB)Phone: 1-888-495-2516
Website: Visit website
All registered First Nations and Inuit persons that are residents in Canada. Routine services and comprehensive (with pre-approval) dental services. Show status registry card to a dental provider.
Care for a Smile Dental ProgramPhone:
Morley 403-881-2111
Siksika 403-734-3959
T’suu Tina 403-251-7575
Eden Valley 403-881-2111
For infants and children of First Nations Communities in Alberta. Free services including fluoride varnish, sealants, fillings and teaching about tooth brushing and flossing.
Cleft Palate Dental Indemnity ProgramPhone 403-943-7308 Alberta residents, under the age of 25 and covered under Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. Have a congenital cleft affecting the hard palate.Registered at a Cleft Palate Clinic in Alberta. Funding for dental treatment directly related to the cleft site. Must use all 3rd party insurance coverage and all other government programs first.
Burns Memorial FundPhone: 403-234-9396
Must be under the age of 21 and lived in Calgary for at least 6 months. No dental insurance/benefits. Referral letter and treatment plan needed. Payment or cost-sharing for dental or orthodontic treatment. Payments are not given for services already provided in a dental office before applying to the Burns Fund.