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How to Get a Good Night’s Rest with Sleep Apnea Treatment in Calgary 0 (0)

By | 2020-01-10T10:02:37-07:00 January 9th, 2020|Sleep Apnea|

Science has long proved that humans need to get a good night’s sleep of at least seven to nine hours. Not getting this recommended rest can have serious effects on your mental, physical, and psychological health. Further, research stresses that the quality of sleep is more important than the number of hours. Many people display [...]

Understanding Bruxism and Why You Need Teeth Grinding Guards 0 (0)

By | 2019-12-22T08:40:25-07:00 August 25th, 2019|Dental Care Services, Sleep Apnea, teeth grinding guards|

Have you lately been having headaches that won’t go away? Do you have earaches and jaw pain when you’re eating or yawning? Has your partner delicately commented that you seem disturbed and upset? Should you visit your dentist, she might talk about the possibility of bruxism and suggest getting teeth grinding guards. Also called a [...]

Sleep Apnea Symptoms, Treatment & More – Your Questions Answered 0 (0)

By | 2019-10-02T20:27:01-07:00 March 22nd, 2019|Sleep Apnea|

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing throughout the night. Oftentimes, people don’t know they have sleep apnea. One of the most common sleep apnea symptoms is waking up after a full night’s sleep and still feeling tired. Most Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms Snoring Wake up feeling tired after [...]