Having a white, sparkling smile is typically a sign of good health and wellness. Anyone looking to make a great first impression needs a perfect set of teeth and a warm, friendly demeanor. Nature did not intend you to have absolutely white teeth. In fact, most people have a natural coloring that is a few shades off white. It might interest you to know that genes determine the color of not just your hair and skin, but also of your dental structure. Discolorations happen because of aging, poor oral hygiene, and foods and beverages you consume regularly. With the help of professional teeth whitening in Calgary, you can get back a smile that is closer to the pigmentation you were born with.

Depending on the extent of the damage, our doctors will recommend the right kind of whitening or bleaching agents. If you have only minimal discolorations, over-the-counter remedies available at your local drugstore will also do the trick. But, for deeper staining, you’ll have to visit our clinic in Calgary for teeth whitening. Read ahead for a better understanding of cleaning options that can give you the best results you’re looking for.

Teeth-Staining Can be Extrinsic or Intrinsic

Teeth discolorations can be of two kinds:

  • Intrinsic stains reach through the enamel and affect the lower dentine. Many patients develop this condition when they are as yet unborn. Pregnant women consuming antibiotic medicines can deliver babies that grow stained teeth. You could also develop white spots on your teeth if you have been exposed to fluoride as a child.
  • Extrinsic stains are discolorations that affect only the enamel and can be removed to some extent. Most such coloring happens because of lifestyle habits like smoking. That’s because tobacco has the effect of rapid formation of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Drinking excessive tea and coffee can also cause staining.

Getting rid of extrinsic stains is possible up to a certain extent. However, removing intrinsic stains may not be that easy. You can talk to your dentist for information about the best options available to you.

Different Patients Have Their Own Reasons for Needing Teeth Whitening Procedures

You might want to opt for professional teeth whitening in Calgary for different reasons. For instance, if you’re preparing for an important event in your life like a job interview or marriage. Or, when you’re looking to knock years off your appearance. Yellowing teeth is often associated with aging and sparkling teeth can lend a younger look. For many patients, opting for teeth whitening boosts their self-confidence and equips them to face life head-on. However, your dentist will let you know whether or not you’re a good candidate for getting professional cleaning. In case your dental stains are not too severe, the dental hygienist may recommend that you use store-bought products to get the results you need.

Understanding Stains and How to Prevent Them

Like the doctors at our clinic for professional teeth whitening in Calgary will explain, several foods have natural coloring agents that affect the enamel. When they come into contact with your dental structure, they leave behind stains. Some foods and beverages have stronger coloring agents, which is why you’ll want to restrict them in your diet. Here are a few examples:

  • Beverages like tea, coffee, sports drinks, sodas, and red wines
  • Fruits like cherries and blueberries

Aside from food, other factors can also cause staining.

  • Ingesting excessive fluoride when the teeth are first erupting can give them a mottled look with white spots. For this reason, pediatricians at our family dentistry advise parents to give their kids fluoride-free toothpaste. The fluoride content should never be more than 2 parts per million parts of water.
  • Giving children tetracycline antibiotics can give their teeth a discolored look. Doctors are careful about the kind of medication they prescribe.
  • An injury to the oral structure can cause the teeth to take on a black, gray, or brown color. Your dentist will help you recover from the trauma and recommend restorative dental procedures. Later, capping or getting veneers can help you get the perfect smile.

Yes, Changes in Lifestyle Habits and Home Remedies Do Work

Not all patients need to opt for elaborate methods of dental stain removal. Your dentist may suggest that you adopt lifestyle changes as a good start. For instance:

  • Make sure that you prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Brush and floss at least twice a day.
  • Change your regular toothpaste and look for whitening dental products. Regular products may only remove surface stains and help maintain the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums. Whitening dental products penetrate deeper to remove stains and are more effective. Silica is an important content is these pastes that scrub the stains from the surface enamel.
  • Chew gum after your meals, some gums claim to whiten your teeth.
  • Ask your oral care practitioner for recommendations for a stain removing mouthwash.
  • Teeth whitening strips, pens, and trays can also help.
  • If you smoke, getting a more radiant smile could be a good excuse to kick the habit. Chewing tobacco can also cause unwanted discolorations.
  • Change your nighttime routine to include proper brushing and flossing. Allowing food to remain in contact with your teeth all through the night can add to the staining.
  • You can also avoid consuming specific foods and beverages that are known to cause dental discolorations.
  • Eat foods that have natural cleaning properties. Some good examples are cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, and celery. Fruits like apples and pears are also great for your teeth.
  • Consuming acidic foods can weaken the enamel and result in damage. If you’ve just eaten them, it is advisable to wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Your Dentist Will Recommend Options for Perfect Teeth

If you think you need teeth whitening options, it is best that you check with the dentist at our clinic. She will examine you and understand the cause of the staining. Accordingly, you’ll receive advice on whether to opt for professional treatment or take care of the problem at home. Using bleaching or non-bleaching options or teeth whitening products depends on your natural tooth color.

Getting professional teeth whitening in Calgary will give you effective and long-lasting results within a short time. Most such procedures require two to three appointments and may be somewhat more expensive than home remedies. Expect that at the end of the treatment, your teeth will likely get around two to three shades lighter. The effect is enough to improve your smile a great deal, but remain natural. Dentists are also trained in using the optimum concentration of dental stain removal solutions. So, you won’t have to worry about damage.

The usual cost of the treatment can range from $100 to $650 depending on the desired shades you’re looking for. The charge can also vary according to the number of appointments you need and you’ll cover the expense on your own. Dental insurance may not cover the cost since it falls under the category of cosmetic dentistry.

Whitening Trays with Cleansing Solutions

In case you’re using whitening trays, follow the directions of your dentist. That’s because the liquids used in the do-it-yourself kits should be applied for only a specific time. Keeping your teeth exposed for longer can result in damage to the enamel and sensitivity. These trays are typically the boil-and-bite kind and can cost anywhere from $10 to $45. You’ll need instructions on exactly how to use them.


Bleaching procedures for teeth whitening can be of two kinds, the basic kind that you can do at home. Or, the more aggressive kind for which you’ll need professional teeth whitening in Calgary. Bleaching is typically done using solutions containing active ingredients like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The concentrations can vary from 10% to 22% and are effective in removing both intrinsic and extrinsic staining. You can expect that your teeth will seem anywhere from five to seven shades lighter in color.

Even if you do choose to try dental bleaching at home, it is advisable to follow the instructions of the dental hygienist. Your doctor will order a customized mouthpiece for you that typically costs around $300. You’ll wear the device for a specified number of hours each day or overnight for around two weeks depending on the extent of the staining. Once you get the desired results, you can stop wearing the mouthpiece. If you start to notice fresh discoloration, you can resume wearing the bleaching tray.

Light-Activated Dental Whitening

Light-activated bleaching is also called chairside bleaching or laser whitening and gives you instant results with sparkling teeth. You can expect that each session will last around an hour and result in up to 10 shades of whiter teeth. The typical cost for this form of professional teeth whitening in Calgary is around $500 to $1,000. However, the results are not permanent. If you continue eating normally and consume discoloring foods and beverages, you may have to come back for additional sessions, possibly after a year.

What to Expect from Your Teeth Whitening Efforts

Every patient has unique dental coloring and structure, which is why the results from the procedure can vary to a great extent. In case you have graying teeth or any deeper discolorations, you might need more aggressive treatment. Alternatively, getting caps or veneers could be a better option. If you’ve opted for whitening toothpaste, the effects may take some time to become visible. These products cannot alter the original coloring of your teeth, but only remove the surface stains with abrading agents. Of course, the best results are only possible with professional teeth whitening in Calgary. The doctor will advise you on the most appropriate options.

You May Have to Come Back for Follow-Up Sessions

As explained in the earlier sections, any kind of teeth whitening procedures cannot give you permanent results. As you continue to eat and drink normally, you could find that the staining is returning. For this reason, you’ll have to come back for follow-up sessions to maintain the effects. Of course, you can take several precautions and change lifestyle habits for long-term effects. Smoking and giving up foods that can stain your teeth is a good first step. Here are some other habits you can adopt:

  • Rinse your mouth or brush right after consuming any food or beverages that can cause dental staining.
  • When drinking beverages, use a straw. In this way, you’ll prevent food coloring from coming into contact with the enamel.
  • Women can consider wearing lipsticks with blue or pink shades that make the teeth seem whiter. Browns and oranges lend a yellower look.
  • Check with the dentist at the teeth whitening clinic for a follow-up schedule. The kind of whitening procedures you opt for can determine how frequently you need to come in for touch-ups. For instance, in six months or a year.

Interestingly, dentists advise patients to resist the desire to continually use whitening products. Taking a break is actually beneficial.

Stop by at Our Clinic for Teeth Whitening in Calgary

Getting a brilliant, sparkling smile can do wonders for your self-confidence. And, considering how simple and effective most solutions are, there’s no reason not to adopt them. Schedule an appointment with the expert professional for teeth whitening in Calgary, Dr. Jennifer Silver and ask about the best options that can give you the results you want. She’ll conduct a detailed examination and advise you on the best course of action.

Call us at this number: (403) 253-1248 and we’ll provide all the information you need. We’ll also help you with an appointment. If you would prefer us to contact you, click on the Contact button and add your email. We’ll revert with responses to your queries.

A wonderful smile is just a click away. What’s stopping you?


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