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At Macleod Trail Dental, we provide pediatric dental care for children from birth to adolescence. We diagnose, treat, and educate children about dental health, fostering a foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth. The dental office can be intimidating to kids, causing them to feel uneasy and unhappy. We have carefully created a dental clinic to alleviate this concern. From the design of our clinic to our friendly staff and everything in between, Macleod Trail Dental is committed to providing kids with a warm, welcoming environment. You can trust us to make your child’s oral health journey joyful and enjoyable.

Our Dental Services For Children

We aim to provide your family with the best pediatric dental treatment possible. We provide comprehensive dental services for your little ones. These include:

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Regular dental checkups are the key to your child’s shining smile. We carefully examine your child’s teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue, examining each aspect of his or her oral health.
In addition to giving you a regular evaluation of your child’s oral health, we also identify possible problems like cavities, tooth decay, or filling needs.
We recommend scheduling dental consultations at least twice a year, with visits customized to address each child’s particular growth pattern, tooth decay risk factors, and oral hygiene needs.

Dental Cleanings

Witness the dazzling beauty of your child’s healthy smile with our specialized dental cleanings. We polish your child’s teeth using mild yet efficient methods, removing stains, tartar buildup, and plaque.
Our mission is to support your children in keeping a confident, healthy, and brilliant smile.

Home Dental Care Instruction & Nutritional Advice

Our committed dental team nurtures your child’s lifetime dental health in a welcoming and supportive environment.
We take the time to talk with your child about the finest oral hygiene practices using kid-friendly communication techniques, making the teaching of home dental care and dietary guidance engaging and enjoyable.
No lectures here—our approach is infused with humor, patience, and fun. After every dental visit, a tiny reward box awaits our young patients to sweeten the deal!

Why Choose Macleod Trail Dental as your children’s dentist in Calgary

Dental appointments may scare children, but they don’t have to. At Macleod Trail Dental, we take great satisfaction in being a pediatric dentist office in Calgary that goes above and beyond to make sure your child is at ease and comfortable from the moment they walk in.
We aim to inspire a lifetime of healthy smiles by establishing healthy habits. We want your child to have exceptional dental care and leave our office not only with a healthy smile but also eagerly anticipating their next appointment.


Development of Good Dental Habits

Bad dental hygiene practices can cause tooth diseases and other health problems. Your child can learn good dental practice by going to the dentist. Children will find it easier to maintain this dental habit when their permanent teeth erupt if they are taught how to brush baby teeth correctly early.

Development of Good Dental Habits

Bad dental hygiene practices can cause tooth diseases and other health problems. Your child can learn good dental practice by going to the dentist. Children will find it easier to maintain this dental habit when their permanent teeth erupt if they are taught how to brush baby teeth correctly early. Good habits can last a lifetime when formed early!

Healthy Teeth Save Money

The earlier your child starts practicing good oral health, the fewer dentist appointments they will require in the long term. As much as we love seeing our little patients, your child shouldn’t have to visit the dentist frequently. While we’re always available to assist you in case of need, corrective pediatric dentistry can be costly. We hope that your child won’t require any intervention outside of periodic check-ups because it can also create discomfort and anxiety in them.

Supports the Development of Healthy Teeth

While your teeth are completely formed, your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw are still developing and changing daily. Backed by the Canadian Dental Association, we always recommend you take your child to see a dentist as early as the child’s first birthday (and, of course, continue with routine visits throughout their lives!

A Healthy Smile Leads to a Happy Kid

It can be embarrassing or detrimental to your child’s confidence to deal with oral health issues like tooth decay. Giving your child oral health care and the support they require to develop a confident, healthy smile is your responsibility as a parent and ours at Macleod Trail Dental.

Preventing Oral Health Issues

Children’s teeth are more prone to tooth decay. Early detection of cavities in baby teeth is essential since neglecting them could result in more serious dental problems. Additionally, identifying bite issues early on and initiating interventional therapies can reduce the severity and expense of subsequent orthodontic treatment.

“I personally want to thank the Macleod Dental Team for helping me overcome my dentist anxiety and go through this process flawlessly. Great place for all your dental needs and by far the best dentist experience I ever had! Thank you, guys!”

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“Dr. David and all the staff at this office are just amazing. You can tell that client care and comfort is a top priority. I will continue using this Calgary dentist in the future.”

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“My daughter got her wisdom teeth removed yesterday, she is in no pain whatsoever. Dr. David is the best dentist she has ever been to! We are over the moon grateful for him and his amazing, amazing staff!! Make sure to book an appointment with them if you have any dental needs.”

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Even though your baby’s milk teeth will eventually fall out, giving them regular dental care from the start is still important. This will help them avoid tooth decay in their milk teeth, ensure that their adult teeth erupt healthily, and help them develop good dental hygiene habits.

At Macleod Trail Dental, we cater to children from six months to the emergence of their last adult teeth and even into adolescence.

Consider making a casual visit to our pediatric dental clinic a few days ahead without an appointment. Let your child or children play in the waiting area so they may become used to the equipment and environment.
Next, a few days before the visit, describe the cleaning method to your kids, even if they need to appear older to understand it. Use a toy for a demonstration to set expectations.
On the appointment day, arrive early to guarantee a calm environment free from extraneous obligations. Until their dentist appointment is due, allow your child to play and become comfortable.
Bring a special toy or a well-known book to offer comfort and security to the experience.

Our team is trained to handle anxious children, creating a comfortable and reassuring environment. In case your child experiences severe anxiety when they see the dentist, we provide several treatments.
We will refer your child to a specialist, such as a pedodontist or oral surgeon, who may use anesthesia if they are nervous. We can use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help your child stay calm if they are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety.

Yes, our pediatric dentists are available for urgent dental needs to protect your child’s health. We set aside time in our daily routine for dental injuries and unforeseen incidents because emergencies are often life-threatening.