Fun Activities in Calgary, AB

You will have multiple alternatives to pick from when looking for fun activities to do in Calgary. The city provides different attractions that appeal to people of all ages, including kids.  Learn information about Calgary, AB.

Therefore, if you’re on holiday or don’t have something to do during the weekend, consider exploring the following places. 

Escape Hour

Escape Hour provides four authentic, real-world escape rooms that you and your teammates can play for an hour straight. Because this is a mind game, you will encounter riddles, puzzles, hidden objects, surprises, clues, snakes, and other important information throughout the game, each of which will get you closer to (or further away from) solving the chamber. Your team’s mettle will be tested in the escape rooms, not simply how smart or good you are at lock picking. It’s all about teamwork here, and you’ll quickly discover what kind of player you are and what skills you have. Discover facts about Calgary, AB, is Full of Landmarks.

Do you consider yourself a leader? A seeker? Are you a problem solver? Because the rooms are tougher than typical escape games, a minimum of two players in each room is encouraged. There is a Game Master who will always be with you and assist you in getting out. You won’t know what to anticipate; each of the rooms will surprise you with innovative concepts, puzzles, and methods of thinking you’ve never seen before. 

There is a variety of topics for you there: Catch me if you can – bank robbery, The Matrix theme, and the 5 Elements – all based on popular films! Each of them will leave you in a state of rising awe.

The Shooting Edge

The Shooting Edge is Calgary’s center of excellence for the sport shooting community. You can experience the thrill of sport shooting at Calgary’s largest indoor shooting range. The Shooting Edge is where shooting enthusiasts can experience the year-round conveniences of a cutting-edge range. The location has 16 completely heated and air-conditioned indoor shooting lanes with automatic target retrieval systems and a full-service retail gun shop with specialty shooting and personal protection items and apparel. 

A lounge, coffee, and snack center, and range observation area are also available. The Shooting Edge welcomes everyone, including first-time shooters, women, and families. They also host ladies’ nights, date nights, cooking classes, league events, and other activities. There is no requirement for a license or permit to practice your shooting skills in a secure and supervised environment. 

There are skilled safety officers who will offer you guidance, supervision, and all of the necessary safety equipment and training for a pleasant, friendly, and exciting experience.

The University of Calgary Outdoor Centre

The University of Calgary’s Outdoor Centre is the largest in North America. They are open to the public and offer outdoor skills training, guided tours, and over 10,000 rental items for various seasonal activities. Experienced coordinators with high-level credentials in mountaineering, paddling, wilderness first aid, avalanche safety, and even hang gliding organize and lead programs and trips. This guarantees that consumers receive the greatest outdoor skills training possible in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

At the Outdoor Centre, you can learn canoeing, paddle boarding, backcountry cookery, mountain biking, and more.