Calgary, AB, is Full of Landmarks

Visiting the landmarks in Calgary is a great way to connect yourself with the city. You can see and do extremely unique things. You will also learn more about the city’s history and its founders. Learn more here.

Below are some of the landmarks you should visit in Calgary. 

Heritage Park Historical Village

Heritage Park Historical Village is an enthralling living history museum that transports visitors back in time to discover Western Canada’s rich past. This immersive attraction, which spans 127 acres adjacent to the Glenmore Reservoir, depicts life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Over 180 historical buildings, including real residences, businesses, and communal structures, have been expertly restored and furnished to reflect different eras at Heritage Park. The park’s personnel, who dress historically accurately, bring history to life via entertaining demonstrations and conversations.  Learn more about Calgary, AB, is an Outdoor Paradise.

You can see blacksmiths at work, ride an antique steam locomotive, or enjoy a horse-drawn wagon trip, all of which provide a realistic look into the past. Heritage Park organizes events and educational programs year-round, such as historical reenactments, festivals, and workshops. It’s not just a popular tourist attraction, but it’s also a wonderful educational resource for schools and history buffs, making it an important part of Calgary’s cultural environment and a treasured window into Canada’s pioneering past. Heritage Park Historical Village offers a fascinating voyage through time, whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply searching for a unique and instructive experience.

Wonderland Sculpture

The Calgary Wonderland sculpture is a beautiful and famous public art piece that has attracted both locals and visitors since its debut in 2013. This massive artwork, created by globally famous artist Jaume Plensa, stands at an astonishing 12 meters (39 feet) in height and is placed in front of The Bow, one of the city’s notable skyscrapers. Wonderland is made up of the beautiful, extended head of a young girl, her eyes closed in tranquil contemplation. The sculpture comprises intricate, interconnected white steel mesh, which provides a magnificent interplay of light and shadow when illuminated at night. 

It represents imagination, dreams, and amazement, prompting visitors to consider their own inner worlds and aspirations. Because of its prominent location in the heart of Calgary’s downtown center, the sculpture has become a popular gathering area for both art fans and pedestrians. Wonderland is a monument to Calgary’s commitment to cultivating a dynamic arts and culture environment, bringing a sense of whimsy and wonder to the cityscape.

The New Central Library

The Central Library is the perfect gathering place for everyone in Calgary. The first thing that will catch your eye when you arrive at the library is the breathtaking architecture and the mosaic of windows. Within the steps of the main entrance are spectacular wall murals, winding staircases, a giant skylight, and vaulted ceilings. This landmark is extremely beautiful and functional, too. 

It features over half a million items in its collection, over 30 meeting areas, a children’s library, and a performance hall. If you’re an art lover, you can enjoy the works of art by six indigenous artists and the wall art by Christian Moeller. You can also take your kids to the Children’s Library, which features multiple activities, an early learning center, a toddler nook, and a nursing room.