Calgary, AB, is a Family-Centric Town

Most families, especially those with kids of different ages, find it difficult to find something fun and educative to do with the entire family. However, Calgary doesn’t fall short of options when it comes to family fun. Below are some of the best spots to visit with the entire family. Learn information about Calgary, AB.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is the oldest living museum in Canada, located on 127 acres of land. The museum features nearly 200 exhibits. People come to Calgary’s Heritage Park to learn about Canada’s past. The park is a living museum that depicts Western Canadian life from the 1860s. Discover facts about Top Fun Activities in Calgary.

Through interactive exhibitions, costumed interpreters, and vintage transportation, visitors can experience historical authenticity. The Gasoline Alley Museum’s collection of classic cars captivates visitors. The historical village at the park recreates a lively town, allowing visitors to visit stores, residences, and enterprises from several times before. Moreover, there is a nostalgic voyage provided by the authentic steam train ride. 

The Legacy Park also develops a sense of history, making it an appealing location for anyone looking for a hands-on, informative, and enjoyable experience steeped in Canada’s rich legacy.

Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge is a well-known landmark in Calgary, connecting the city’s north and south sides via a vast network of Bow River canals. The Peace Bridge is accessible to pedestrians and bikes, giving them a convenient route to popular dining and retail areas such as Chinatown. Calgary’s Peace Bridge, with its eye-catching color, has become a cultural landmark within the city center. Its brilliant red color shows out against both the river below and the skyscrapers behind it, paying homage to the red in Canada’s flag. 

Unlike most bridges around the world, the pedestrian bridge runs unsupported across the Bow River. You can visit the bridge to enjoy its beauty and the beauty of surrounding attractions.

Wonderland Sculpture

The Wonderland sculpture in Calgary promises a one-of-a-kind aesthetic experience. This 12-meter steel mesh sculpture representing a young girl’s head, created by famous artist Jaume Plensa, is a monument to creative talent. Its airy and intricate design piques the interest of art fans, making it a must-see. It is located in the Bow Tower Plaza and provides a tranquil urban sanctuary for reflection. 

The sculpture is a symbol of cultural enrichment and aesthetic attractiveness, providing a creative touch to the cityscape. Whether you’re looking for artistic inspiration or a peaceful vacation, Wonderland in the heart of Calgary offers a captivating blend of visual enjoyment and thought-provoking ambiance.

Nose Hill Park

Nose Hill Natural Environment Park is located in the city’s northwest corner, surrounded by 12 residential neighborhoods. The park was founded in 1980 and spans approximately 11 square kilometers. You can hike up the hill, but take your time to observe the Rough Fescue grassland you’re passing through. Nose Hill Park is home to one of the most important remaining examples of this grassland habitat on the Canadian prairies. 

Views from the plateau include the Rocky Mountains, the Bow River Valley, and the wide plains to the east. The trees, woody plants, and wildflowers in the coulees differ greatly from those in the fescue grassland. Aside from the native grasses, the Trembling Aspen is a dominating plant in the park.