Hillhurst Calgary is a Small Yet Majestic Town

Hillhurst is a highly desirable community located in Calgary, Alberta. The Bow River partitions the city to the south, 10th Street NW to the east, and 8th Avenue NW to the north. The city gives direct access to the downtown core by car, c-train, or foot, which is convenient for people working downtown. Moreover, the community features Kensington with local shops, restaurants, and professional services galore.  Calgary, AB can be seen here. 

Below are the reasons why you should consider living in Hillhurst.


The blend of traditional single-family homes and high-rise apartment buildings results in a diverse population with a wide range of interests. A mix of old-world beauty and modern infill construction highlights the tranquil, mature area of the neighborhood. Hillhurst is a very walkable community due to its proximity to downtown and public transportation. Click here to read about Crowchild, Alberta, is an Eventful Town.

Convenient Location

Hillhurst’s location makes it convenient for home buyers looking for a home close to downtown and useful amenities. This community also allows families to live a walkable lifestyle. This community’s location is perfect because it is adjacent to Bow River, which gives residents quick access to the river park and pathway systems within Calgary. Moreover, you can find numerous businesses along 16th Avenue North where you can get the professional services you might need. 

You can also drive south on 14th Street to the Calgary Beltline area for more shops, dining, and entertainment. 

The Vibe

Hillhurst has a youthful vibe, thanks in part to the proximity of post-secondary colleges and downtown, as well as the fact that the majority of dwellings in the area are rental properties. The fashionable Kensington commercial district gives an urban, contemporary vibe to one of Calgary’s oldest neighborhoods. However, Hillhurst has not lost its history, as most of the old architecture still stands.

Parks and Recreation

The community features two parks on its northern border, including Riley Park and Hillhurst Sunnyside Park. You can also enjoy a short bike ride to Prince’s Island Park, which hosts multiple festivals and events throughout the year. Since Riley Park has eight access points and the park trail takes off from each of those points, it’s easy for residents to go for a walk. The trail is covered by multiple trees, providing shade during summer. 

There are also picnic tables for families to take a lunch break and relax in the outdoor space. Hillhurst residents who own pets can have a great time at Price Island Park. Since the park is located on an island in the Bow River, residents enjoy beautiful sceneries as they relax or take a walk.


Hillhurst School, which was built in 1912, is a tiny, thriving primary school near Riley Park. They offer 11 classrooms for grades one through six and a one-morning kindergarten class. They have a gym, a library, three laptop carts, an iPad cart, robotics kits, two playgrounds, and much more. The school used Riley Park for outdoor activities. 

The school is a lovely ancient heritage sandstone structure with spacious halls, large windows, and oak wainscotting along the hall walls. Hillhurst is a close-knit, caring environment that promotes children’s individual growth. The community creates enriched learning experiences that support academic success and produce engaged, responsible, and compassionate citizens via a collaborative community effort.