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What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings, also known as tooth fillings, are used to repair teeth when only a portion of a tooth is damaged or decayed. Your dentist will remove the decay and fill the hole with a white coloured composite material. Eliminating the damage and sealing the area prevents infection to other teeth or your gums. If you were experiencing pain with your cavity or infection, you’ll happily find relief with a filling!

In the past, dentists used silver metal fillings that distracted from your smile. Not only are these fillings unsightly, but the material they are made from — silver amalgam, which is a mix of mercury and other metals — has been linked to several health issues.

At Macleod Trail Dental, we use a safe, composite resin material that matches your tooth colour, so you can confidently share your bright white smile.

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What can I expect when getting a dental filling?

When getting a dental filling at Macleod Trail Dental, the last thing you should feel is anxious! We've outlined the dental filling procedure below so you know exactly what to expect:
  1. We’ll start by applying a topical or local anesthetic into the gums surrounding the affected tooth. Topical anesthetics are gels, liquids or sprays; local anesthetic is given via a small and relatively painless needle
  2. We’ll check with you to make sure the area is completely numb before we start removing the decay using a dental drill
  3. After the decay is removed, we sterilize the hole we’ve created in your tooth
  4. We dry the area, then prime and place dental bond (like a glue) onto your tooth
  1. Onto the bond, we place the composite filling material in layers
  2. We apply a UV light to harden the filling
  3. Then, we test your bite to ensure your new filling fits in comfortably with the rest of your teeth
  4. We adjust the filling as needed to make sure your teeth are lining up just as they did before the filling
  5. Finally, we give your new filling a polish so that it matches the smooth texture of the rest of your teeth!

Why are white composite resin dental fillings the best?

Composite, tooth-coloured dental fillings are our preferred treatment for the following reasons:

Colour Matching

The resin material in your filling will be colour-matched with your teeth so that you won’t even be able to tell that you received a filling — and neither will anyone else!

They Strengthen Your Teeth

By using a chemical bonding process, the overall structure of your tooth is strengthened. That means your filling won’t need to be replaced for a long time.

Overall Customization

Depending on your needs (cavities, chips, worn down, etc.) we can easily create the right fix for your unique issue.

Quick & Easy

Composite resin fillings are fast to install and quick to cure, so you’ll only need to see us for a single appointment (depending on how many you need).


Composite fillings are less likely to chip or crack with regular usage (e.g. chewing, mild grinding or clenching etc).

Time for a dental filling?

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A filling can last for a few years, however, that depends on the size of the fillings, where the filling was placed in your mouth, and your overall oral hygiene. The better dental hygiene practices you have, the longer your fillings will last!

For a single filling, it can take anywhere between one and two hours depending on how deep the filling and where it’s placed in your mouth.

No, getting a filling should not hurt since we apply a numbing agent and freeze the gums in and around the tooth getting the filling. The most you will feel during the procedure is a bit of pressure. If you’re anxious about getting a filling we do offer different sedation options so you can feel as comfortable as possible.

Yes, it is normal to feel more sensitivity to hot and cold foods after a filling. However, this should clear up within a few weeks. If you’re still experiencing extreme sensitivity, contact us as it may be a result of a misaligned bite.

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