Calgary, AB, is a Museum Trove

Museums in Calgary preserve and showcase crucial historical, artistic, and scientific artifacts. By visiting the museum, you can interact with the displays and information in an engaging way. Additionally, you get a chance to spend quality time with family and friends by visiting the museum. If you and your loved ones enjoy going to the museum, you will have an exclusive experience in Calgary.  Learn more here.

The town has multiple museums, and some of the best include the following.

The Military Museums

The Military Museums is Canada’s second-largest military museum. The museums house four regimental museums, including three branch-specific museums. The museum also hosts an art gallery and The Military Museums Library and Archives. The Military Museums have an outstanding collection of artifacts and stories spanning Canada’s military history from the late 1800s to Afghanistan.  Learn more about Calgary, AB, is a Dining Paradise.

The Military Museums also have a Cold War Exhibit, which consists of two hangars, paying respect to Canadians who sacrificed themselves to defend Canada throughout the Cold War. Visitors can spend a day or two exploring the many displays. The Military Museums are committed to representing Canada’s navy, army, and air force as well as educating the public, particularly youngsters, about the country’s military. You can find the museum in the south of downtown.

Visitors can view the actual armoured vehicles and fighter jets. Visitors can also learn about the history of the regimental galleries and the rotating modern art and heritage exhibitions of the Founders’ Gallery. Furthermore, they will be educated on the size and scope of The Military Museums, which has made it one of the best attractions in Calgary.

Gasoline Alley Museum

The Gasoline Alley Museum is a celebration of industrial design highlighted by a storyline that pursues the extensive societal changes brought about by the introduction and popularization of the automobile. The museum houses thousands of pieces of vehicle memorabilia, most of which date before WWII. Ron Carey, a local businessman, graciously donated the objects to Heritage Park so that they might be displayed for public enjoyment while being properly preserved. The museum’s items range from the turn of the twentieth century to the 1950s and include historic vehicles, one-of-a-kind gasoline pumps, and other goods and signage from various petroleum firms.

Mr. Carey and his crew worked tirelessly to repair most of the exhibits displayed at the Gasoline Alley Museum.

Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum, hailed as one of Canada’s best museums, appeals to both history enthusiasts and art lovers. Exhibits here are primarily about Western Canadian culture, with everything from interactive displays about First Nations cultures to a large collection of military memorabilia. There are, however, exhibitions of European art, Asian sculptures, and West African antiquities, as well as lots of hands-on activities to keep children occupied. Recent visitors applauded the museum’s unique displays, historical approach, and participatory arts and crafts activities.

The museum is located in downtown Calgary and is open from Tuesday through to Sunday. You should visit the museum with your kids and enjoy a great afternoon of learning and having fun.