Calgary, AB, is a Festive City

In Calgary, every season is festival season. Festivals bring out the best in Calgary by celebrating everything from culture and music to food and theater. These must-see festivals are ideal for organizing a trip around. These festivals offer a great way for you to meet up with old friends and have a great time. Calgary, AB can be seen at this link.

You can also spend time with your friends and family. Below are the festivals you should attend in Calgary.

Afro-Caribbean Food Festival

This is a festival of Afro-Caribbean Cuisine. You can pass by on the weekend and enjoy varying delectable delicacies that will take you to the heart of the Caribbean. As you explore the flavors of the Caribbean, indulge in delectable jerk chicken, juicy oxtail, and more. Their celebration includes food booths providing traditional Caribbean delicacies and fusion cuisine that combine the best of both worlds.  Information about Calgary, AB, is an Art Lover’s City can be found here. 

The Afro-Caribbean Food Festival, however, is more than simply food; it also includes live music, dance performances, and cultural activities that reflect the rich history and traditions of various cultures. Enjoy a weekend of cuisine, laughter, and entertainment while immersed in the brilliant colors and sounds of the Caribbean.

Rodney’s Oyster Festival

This family-friendly festival features a live DJ, food and drinks booths. The festival also has a silent auction and shucking competitions. The main competition winner usually wins a trip to compete in the Canadian Oyster Shucking Championship. The competition is usually for advanced and beginner shuckers.

The festival offers a fun amateur competition, which is all about fun and learning the basics of the shucking competition. It is a fantastic opportunity for Calgary residents to get together and enjoy delicious food and drinks while also making a difference by helping a local philanthropic organization. If you love oysters, you will have unlimited access to this festival.

Sled Island Music & Arts Festival

Sled Island is a four-day annual independent music and arts event in Calgary, Alberta. Hundreds of artists and bands usually perform in over 30 venues across the city. The music and arts festival has been running since 2007. Zak Pashak, the owner of Calgary’s music venue Broken City at the time, was inspired by Pop Montreal and the street culture that the festival sparked.

Pashak believed his community could organize a comparable festival because it had many more artistic outlets than was often assumed. Sled Island is an urban life experiment in a downtown where autos frequently take precedence over humans. The idea is to open up as much of the downtown core as possible and fill it with as many different types of people as possible. The festival uses music, film, comedy, and art to act as a catalyst for people to gather and have fun.

Parkland Summerfest

Parkland Summerfest is a community celebration that brings people together in Parkland’s lovely Park 96 for a fun and memorable festival. On Saturday morning (June 24, 2023), the park will buzz with multiple activities, including a fun run, tennis, disc golf, a car display, and a plethora of free activities for children. The music begins early Saturday evening, and if you become hungry, you can eat from various outstanding local vendors.