Calgary, AB Bubbles with Parks

Calgary’s parks define the city’s shape and feel and its neighborhoods. By visiting these parks, you can improve your health because you breathe fresh air and are surrounded by greenery. Spending time outside will improve your immune system, provide physical activity, and nature will boost your mood and creativity. Below are some of the parks you can visit in Calgary. Find more information here.

Barb Scott Park

Barb Scott Park provides the people of the surrounding region with a greenspace that beautifies the neighborhood visually and serves as a gathering place for residents to assemble and participate in recreational activities. The region has a wide ovular green space, giving the people a large place to exercise, picnic, and enjoy the sensation of lush sod beneath their feet. Prairie resilient trees, shrubs, and grasses surround the aforementioned green space, adding color and character to a formerly boring and uninviting section of the Beltline. Throughout the park, numerous seats and picnic tables are available to offer the public places to sit and enjoy the surroundings. Read about Calgary, AB, is a Museum Cache here.

A concrete pathway encircles the ovular greenspace, providing residents with an unobstructed passage through the park. To create an inviting atmosphere at night, lighting along the pathway, lit benches, and the large illuminated Chinook Arc sculpture are employed. The bustling Beltline neighborhood of downtown Calgary is fast-paced and chaotic at times. Barb Scott Park provides a place for residents to unwind and relax. 

Central Memorial Park 

Central (Memorial) Park, initially known as Central Park, is a properly designed park dating back to 1912. It comprises a complete city block (1.77-hectare plot) located just south of downtown Calgary in the Beltline neighborhood’s mixed-use commercial and residential area. The park’s arrangement is absolutely symmetrical, with intricately constructed beds, walks, lawns, specimen plantings, and various monuments and memorials. A magnificent Beaux Arts-style library dominates the park’s east end. 

The park was repaired and reopened in 2010; as part of the refurbishment, a restroom-office and restaurant pavilion were erected. The park is a Calgary showpiece, being one-of-a-kind in terms of historical integrity and design. The park’s heart is defined by circular and geometric carpet (flower) beds, topiary spruce, specimen trees, lawns, and walks, with the Boer War monument known as ‘The Horseman of the Plains’ serving as the focal point. The carpet beds are made up of flashy and exotic species and brightly colored annuals that adhere to the park’s historic planting records.

Bowmont Park

Bowmont Park is located between Bowness and Silver Springs on the north bank of the Bow River. There are trails along the tops of the steep cliffs and down the river below, allowing you to see the city from its highest and lowest points in a single visit. Bowmont Park provides numerous off-leash places for dogs to play, both gated and unfenced. The Park’s environments range from prairie grassland to riverine woodland, as well as stunning cliffs with significant geological features. 

The Waterfall Valley walkway is a well-kept boardwalk that winds its way down to the river through some wonderful tiny woodland areas. As you go down, you’ll see the water running alongside you in a little stream that grows in size as small tributaries join it.